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Nordik Wolf signs new 30 distributors.

Nordik Wolf signs new 30 distributors

Vintners Import Co. recently signed nearly 30 new distributorships for Nordik Wolf Light beer, expanding its network to more than 380 distributors nationwide. Fifteen of the new wholesalers are located in the Northwest and the Midwest, according to the importer.

"With the growing popularity of Nordik Wolf Light, we will be expanding its distributor network even further in the future," said Eric Wing, executive vice president, Simon Levi Co.

The expansion is due in part to a new outdoor billboard and radio advertising campaign, Wing explained. Another contributing factor is the growing demand for light beer in recent years.

PHOTO : THE GREAT OUTDOORS - Nordik Wolf Light beer, and Simon Levi, the beer brand's owner, announced the introduction of a new outdoor advertising campaign in several of the country's major markets, including Denver, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Cleveland, Hartford and Las Vegas.
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Title Annotation:Vintners Import Co., Nordik Wolf Light beer
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Oct 1, 1990
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