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Norbanus, Gaius (d. c. 82 B.C.).

Roman consul. Principal wars: Cilician pirate campaign (102-100); Social War (92-88); Civil War against Sulla (83-82). Principal battles: Rhegium (Reggio di Calabria) (88); Mount Tifata (near Capua) (83); Faventia (Faenza) (82).

Birth and family background unknown; first came to prominence as tribune, when he successfully prosecuted Q. Servilius Caepio for having brought about the Army's defeat by the Cimbri through rashness (103), and secured Caepio's exile; served as quaestor to Marcus Antonius (grandfather of triumvir Mark Antony) in a campaign against the Cilician pirates (102-100); tried for treason for actions taken during Caepio's trial, he was acquitted through the efforts of M. Antonius (94); as praetor and propraetor, he successfully defended Sicily late in the Social War (War of the Socii or Allies) and captured Rhegium (88); elected consul (83), he raised an army to oppose Sulla's return at the head of his army, but was defeated by Sulla at Mount Tifata (83); as proconsul he gathered more troops and attacked Sulla's subordinate Metellus at Faventia, but his force was routed (82); fled to Rhodes; while the Rhodians debated handing him over to Sulla (82?), he committed suicide. <BL>

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