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Nonwovens supplier banging the "environmental drum." (Dow Corning, Midland, Michigan, industrial waste program)

Nonwovens Supplier Banging The "Environmental Drum"

Dow Corning, Midland, MI, which that has already made a name for itself as a company taking proactive steps towards helping the environment, has undertaken a new program to promote waste minimization, encourage reuse and reduce total life cycle cost of its product containers, while at the same time exemplifying its commitment to customers and their quality and environmental needs.

The Steel Drum Recycling Program, designed to address the environmental, economic and quality issues of using the 55-gallon drums that contain Dow's silicone-based and other specialty chemical products, is co-sponsored by Van Leer Containers, Chicago, IL. The program allows customers to use the chemicals inside the drum, then call a special 800 number to have the drum picked up for recycling. A representative from Van Leer or another distributor picks up the drum, gives the customer a certificate guaranteeing that the drum is safe for transport, then takes it to an approved recycling facility.

The facility - there are approximately 10 around the country - then cleans and reconditions the drum for reuse. After the drum has been reused a number of times, it is then cleaned, shredded and sent to a steel mill to be manufactured into a new container.

According to Dow, the program provides customers with a safe and cost effective way to reuse or recycle the 55 gallon steel drums after emptying. Because of the current infrastructure that exists for steel recycling, approximately 66% of all steel is recycled annually. The program also promotes proper container-emptying methods, preventing wasted product and environmental harm at the customer level.
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Publication:Nonwovens Industry
Date:Feb 1, 1992
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