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Nonwovens in crisis. (Editor's page).

I could not help thinking about the recent Anthrax scare--which has hit us here in New Jersey particularly close to home--when I was working on this month's issue of NONWOVENS INDUSTRY. Two of this month's major feature stories have a great deal of relevance in today's world climate.

For one, the filtration market has received some notoriety in recent weeks as many consumers have scrambled to buy gas masks and similar protective respiratory devices to protect themselves against the threat of biological warfare. It is not uncommon to see receptionists wearing face masks when opening up mail to protect themselves from the effects of Anthrax powder. This lethal powder has already been found in mail sent to certain media outlets and government offices. At press time, three postal workers had already died from Anthrax poisoning, and several others have been afflicted with the disease.

The other feature I'm referring to deals with the medical market. In her article, "Disposables On The Rise In the Medical Market," associate editor Eileen Wubbe discusses the growing need for barrier protection and other protective benefits in medical products such as gloves, masks and surgical gowns. The importance of protection will grow even more if the threat of biological warfare becomes a reality. The severely contagious and untreatable aspects of this virus will make it more important for hospital workers to protect themselves against contagion.

While the nonwovens industry certainly doesn't welcome the boosts provided to these markets by recent tragedies, it is certainly gratifying to see the products produced by our industry helping out in this time of crisis.

As always, we welcome your comments.

Karen Bitz

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Date:Nov 1, 2001
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