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Nonprofit Dedicated to Healing Chronically Ill Children Renames to Reflect Expanded Mission.

WEST SIMSBURY, Conn., Oct. 28, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A nonprofit initiative focused on children with chronic illness is changing its name to reflect its expanded goals and objectives. The project, formerly known as the Canary Kids Project, will now be known as The Documenting Hope Project.

The Documenting Hope Project was developed by author and children's health advocate, Beth Lambert. "In its earliest stages of development, the project was called 'The Canary Kids Project' because we saw these children as the proverbial 'canaries in the coal mine' foreshadowing the health hazards from our toxic environment," says Lambert. "While the image is a powerful one, the name created confusion with a number of other groups using the canary analogy and it does not fully capture the broader goals of our project."

To avoid that confusion and better represent the project's objectives, the new name is The Documenting Hope Project. The name change better reflects the project's expanded mission which still includes the creation of a feature length documentary film about children with chronic illness but now also includes the capture of clinical and scientific data that can be used to better understand the healing process.

The Documenting Hope Project will support fourteen children with seemingly intractable conditions (such as autism, asthma, and rheumatoid arthritis) as they explore healing opportunities that are often overlooked by conventional medicine. There is a vast body of anecdotal evidence indicating that individuals with chronic conditions can fully recover. The project aims to test and document a results-oriented model that looks at the root causes, rather than the symptoms, of chronic illness.

The new name will be officially introduced at an important fundraising event for the project, Films That Inspire Hope, on November 22 in Pelham, New York.

About Documenting Hope

The Documenting Hope Project will provide healing support for 14 children suffering from chronic illness and will record their progress over 18 months. It is hoped that the documentation of each child's healing process through film and the capture of clinical data will enhance our current understanding of chronic illness in children. The project is currently raising funds to support this comprehensive effort.

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Date:Oct 28, 2014
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