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Germany Publishes List Of Military Assistance To Ukraine. Weapons Already Handed Over And Still Planned. Jul 13, 2022 584
Germany Publishes List Of Military Assistance To Ukraine. Weapons Already Handed Over And Still Planned. Jul 13, 2022 584
New Zealand to provide non-lethal weapons to Ukraine. Mar 21, 2022 332
Canada To Give $500m Loan, Send $7.8m In Lethal Weapons To Ukraine - Trudeau. Feb 15, 2022 417
Misuse of Directed Energy Weapons and Non-lethal Weapon. Sonia K Feb 14, 2022 1566
News Officers branded 'inhumane' over spray attack on innocent Johnny; COP YELLED 'MAKE HIM FRY' JUST BEFORE POWERFUL INCAPACITANT WAS USED ON DAD-OF-FOUR LATER CLEARED OF WRONGDOING. JOE THOMAS ECHO Reporter @joe_thomas18 Nov 2, 2021 626
Bangladeshi youth killed in BSF firing along Lalmonirhat border. Jun 29, 2021 195
Woman who injured PC in struggle avoids prison; OFFICER'S INCAPACITANT SPRAY DISCHARGED. Rob Kennedy Court Reporter @ChronicleCourt Jun 13, 2021 434
US to accelerate non-lethal arms sales to Cyprus. fm Jan 28, 2021 293
High Alert! UK's Special SAS Unit Being 'Specially Trained' to Stop Aliens From Conquering Earth. Jan 12, 2021 296
Beyond Bean Bags and Rubber Bullets: Intermediate Force Capabilities Across the Competition Continuum. Levine, Susan Jan 1, 2021 3868
Duterte plans to bring back the use of police batons. Dec 8, 2020 551
BSF reiterates same old promises on border killings. Sep 19, 2020 1206
US officials sought using 'heat ray' on protestors. Sep 17, 2020 228
Dhaka: BSF must use non-lethal weapons on border. Jul 21, 2020 322
The European Union Representative expresses there concern about the Israeli attacks on Palestinian children. Nov 22, 2019 331
Police officer pepper sprayed Reading dad moments before he was hit by armed response car; Officer P, who pepper sprayed Aston Mclean-Williams, gave his testimony following the fatal incident five years ago. James Aldridge Nov 14, 2019 601
Non-Lethal Weapons Size, Share, Growth, Segmentation, Competitive Overview, Global Trends, Future Scope by Forecast to 2023. Oct 3, 2019 951
Non-Lethal Weapons Market Share 2019, Industry Opportunities, Global Demand, Latest Development, Growth, Business Strategies and Upcoming Trends by Forecast to 2023. Sep 23, 2019 1068
Global Conducted Electrical Weapons Market to 2027: Segmented by Weapon Type, End-user, and Geography. Industry overview Aug 27, 2019 677
Non-Lethal Weapons Market Global Analysis, Development, Comprehensive Research, Size, Share, Key Strategies and Regional Trends by Forecast to 2023. Aug 21, 2019 779
Global Non-Lethal Weapons Market to 2025: Market is Projected to Grow by US$5.2 Billion. Aug 7, 2019 668
Directorate Wants to Change View of Nonlethal Weapons. Tadjdeh, Yasmin Aug 1, 2019 1644
UP FRONT. Magnuson, Stew Conference notes Jul 1, 2019 521
Non-lethal Biochemical Weapons Market Offering Trends, Share, Size, Growth Until the End of 2024. Jun 10, 2019 988
Non-lethal Biochemical Weapons Market Offering Trends, Share, Size, Growth Until the End of 2024. Jun 7, 2019 1001
Man admits two robberies in 24 hrs; JAIL'INEVITABLE'FORMANCARRYING INCAPACITANT SPRAY DURING RAIDS. May 14, 2019 226
Man admits two robberies in 24 hrs; JAIL'INEVITABLE'FORMANCARRYING INCAPACITANT SPRAY DURING RAIDS. May 14, 2019 236
Nonlethal Weapons Offer Victory, De-Escalation. Kronisch, Zachary Mar 1, 2019 845
Gap in the Shield Line: A New Civil-Disturbance Publication Needed to Keep Troops Safe. Trunk, Ryan L. Sep 22, 2018 1533
Police officers are cleared of wrongdoing after video showed man being hit with baton during arrest; A police watchdog declared that "necessary, proportionate and reasonable" force was used on a man who was struck several times with a baton in Aston, Birmingham, in July last year. May 10, 2018 484
US group eyes new arms production unit in Jordan. Apr 24, 2018 267
Military's 'Screaming' Laser Weapon To Stun Enemies. Mar 23, 2018 406
Army Nonlethal Weapons Program. Lee, Timothy J. Sep 22, 2017 1160
EFFECTIVENESS TEST and EVALUATION of Non-lethal Weapons in Crowd Scenarios: METRICS, MEASURES, AND DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS. Mezzacappa, Elizabeth; Cooke, Gordon; DeMarco, Robert M.; Reid, Gladstone V.; Tevis, Kevin; Sheridan Report Jul 1, 2017 10782
Pellet guns feared more than the bullet. Sep 26, 2016 441
New market study, "Global Military Laser Systems Market 2016-2020", has been published. Jun 14, 2016 507
Just Published: "Police and Law Enforcement Equipment Market - Global Report 2015-2019". Nov 13, 2015 359
New Market Research Report: Global Non-lethal Weapons Market 2015-2019. Report Nov 2, 2015 506
Developing non-lethal weapons: the human effects characterization process. Burgei, Wesley A.; Foley, Shannon E.; McKim, Scott M. May 1, 2015 2204
Possible ethical problems with military use of non-lethal weapons. Coleman, Stephen Mar 22, 2015 6587
Nonlethal weapons, noncombatant immunity, and the principle of participatory liability. Gross, Michael L. Mar 22, 2015 6325
And next please? The future of the NLW debate. Kaurin, Pauline M. Shanks Mar 22, 2015 4282
Red-teaming NLW: a top ten list of criticisms about non-lethal weapons. Koplow, David A. Mar 22, 2015 3946
U.S. military use of non-lethal weapons: reality vs. perceptions. LeVine, Susan D.; Rutigliano, Joseph A., Jr. Mar 22, 2015 9823
New Market Report: Non-Lethal Weapons Market - Global Forecasts, Trends & Analysis to 2014 - 2020. Mar 14, 2015 421
Global Non-Lethal Weapons Market Size and Forecast Up to 2020 by Grand View Research. Jan 7, 2015 377
Nonlethal weapons: a technological gap or misdefined requirements? Fridman, Ofer Jan 1, 2015 3520
Nonlethal weapons. Mintzer, Mike Sep 1, 2014 225
Nonlethal technologies become lighter, more potent. Insinna, Valerie Jul 1, 2014 1816
Nonlethal weapons could gain ground in future missions. Parsons, Dan Jul 1, 2014 1890
US doubles non-lethal aid to Syria's opposition. Brief article Apr 21, 2013 277
Doctors raise alarm at use of non-lethal weapons in Kashmir. Apr 3, 2013 342
Weight, size issues stymie fielding of directed energy weapons. Magnuson, Stew Aug 1, 2012 1708
From niche to necessity: integrating nonlethal weapons into essential enabling capabilities. Tafolla, Tracy J.; Trachtenberg, David J.; Aho, John A. Jul 1, 2012 5986
US army uncovers latest non-lethal weapon with Active Denial System. Mar 12, 2012 220
Challenges persist with nonlethal technology. Parsons, Dan Jan 1, 2012 1831
IDF Purchasing Non-Lethal Weapons for Possible September Riots. May 30, 2011 164
U.S. to recognize Libyan rebel council- Give lethal/non-lethal weapons:Rebels still an unknown quantity - US Envoy to Libya says. Mar 26, 2011 1276
Apt violence. Scott, Richard L. Mar 22, 2011 859
State police used non-lethal rounds to nab Athol teen; Suspect under police guard at hospital. Nov 23, 2010 402
The long range acoustic device: don't call it a weapon - them's fightin' words. Schrantz, Joe Aug 1, 2010 5705
The fast goodbye: the non-lethal Active Denial System may soon be ready for use in deployed locations and war zones. Roughton, Randy Jul 1, 2010 1724
More than skin deep. Davis, Bennie J. III. Jul 1, 2010 959
Shocking results: corrections departments consider the benefits of adding Tasers. Thomas, R. Cover story May 1, 2010 809
Lord Elgin's woodland war club. Bruce, Thomas Allen Jan 1, 2010 1276
Nonlethal self-defense, (almost entirely) nonlethal weapons, and the rights to keep and bear arms and defend life. Volokh, Eugene Dec 1, 2009 30397
Military needs nonlethal weapons to disable hostile vehicles and boats. Erwin, Sandra I. Oct 1, 2009 305
SureFire G3L. Product/service evaluation Apr 1, 2009 110
Faking it: some of the best real-life practice might just be with guns that aren't real. Tarr, James Apr 1, 2009 2052
Damage control: Defense Dept. pursuing next-generation nonlethal weapons. Law, David B. Feb 1, 2009 1703
Keeping FN 303 non-lethal. Brief article Dec 1, 2008 114
PAULINE'S PICKS: University of Florida's Student Paper Covers Tasering Incident. Millard, Pauline Brief article Sep 19, 2007 318
"Deconfusing" lethal and kinetic terms. Wingenbach, Karl E.; Lisenbee, Donald G., Jr. Jul 1, 2007 1193
Air Force tests nonlethal weapon system. Schloeffel, Eric Jan 1, 2007 424
Lasers are lawful as non-lethal weapons. Jackson, Richard B.; Hutchison, Jason Ray Aug 1, 2006 5423
Offensive use of chemical technologies by US special operations forces in the global war on terrorism: the nonlethal option. Whitbred, George N.T. Report Jul 1, 2006 13516
The future of the Army Nonlethal Scalable Effects Center. Galvan, Jesse; Kang, Theo Apr 1, 2006 1908
Non-lethal weapon may spark controversy. Magnuson, Stew Mar 1, 2006 559
Non-lethal weapon readied for battlefield. Magnuson, Stew Jan 1, 2006 804
Saudis visit non-lethal weapons program. Jun 22, 2005 309
Homeland defense plan favors non-lethal technology. Pappalardo, Joe Jun 1, 2005 910
Set phasers on "stun": Anderson company's space-age weaponry featured on Discovery Channel special "The Science of Star Wars.". Kaelble, Steve Jun 1, 2005 488
Nonlethal weapon aims for acceptance. Gips, Michael A. Nov 1, 2004 530
Law enforcement: stun-effect rubber bullets. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 255
Unconventional weapons can help U.S. troops fight insurgents in Iraq. Tiron, Roxana Sep 1, 2004 1431
Weapons of mass elation. (Outfront). Sharrock, Justine Brief Article May 1, 2003 248
When killing just won't do. (Catalogue). Feb 1, 2003 840
Swedish police officers trial pepper spray. Brief Article Oct 22, 2002 187
Training with the nonlethal capability set. Mar 1, 2002 1297
U.S. troops find new uses for non-lethal weaponry. Kennedy, Harold Mar 1, 2002 1730
Stopping intruders can be a sticky mess: Joint non-lethal program office funds development of Mobility Denial System. Tiron, Roxana Mar 1, 2002 2014
Non-lethal weapons to gain relevancy in future conflicts. (Commentary). Alexander, John B. Mar 1, 2002 1516
Non-lethal weapons: a progress report. Metz, Steven Mar 22, 2001 2190
The Third Option. Wright, Burton III Brief Article May 1, 2000 722
The Army's Nonlethal Weapons: An Overview. JACKSON, ALFRED E. May 1, 2000 1758
ASSAULT AND PEPPER. Brief Article Nov 1, 1999 926
Nonlethal Weapons: When Deadly Force Is Not Enough. Alexander, John B. Oct 1, 1999 3153
Objections to Weapons of Less Destruction: Abuses of nonlethal weapons could result in more pain and suffering, critics charge. Lewer, Nick Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 668
Not-so-deadly force: the search for a kinder, gentler knockout punch. Perkins, Sid Mar 7, 1998 1764
Security products - a natural add-on to firearms sales. Parsons, Lisa Column May 1, 1996 908
Nonlethal weapons: new tools for peace. Alexander, Lexi R.; Klare, Julia L. Dec 22, 1995 4813
Girth control. Gips, Michael Jun 1, 1995 775
Defensive weapons do's and don'ts. Tatum, Christian; Whittle, Thomas Cover Story Mar 1, 1995 3017
Secret weapons for the CNN era. Garwin, Richard L. Oct 1, 1994 287
Mace Security benefiting from concern for public safety. Jun 20, 1994 557
Non-lethal weapons: alternatives to deadly force. Tennenbaum, Abraham N.; Moore, Angela M. Sep 1, 1993 2241
Answering customers' questions: "what can I use if I don't want a gun?" (Lethal Force) (Column) Ayoob, Massad Column May 1, 1993 1181

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