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Non-pneumatic pouch inserter.

Portable, the Econo Pouch Feeder is a cost-effective, non-pneumatic pouch inserter that feeds up to 150 desiccants or oxygen scavengers per minute. Requiring no air, the all-electric feeder is capable of single or multiple pouch drops per container, and dispenses into bottles, trays, diagnostic kits and more. Highlights include a dispensing head that uses a stepper motor to quickly and accurately cut pouches from a strip. An operator loads a pouch desiccant reel onto its spindle and then feeds the desiccant strip into the dispensing head. The automatic feeder cuts the pouch desiccants from their strip, dispenses the desired quantity, and verifies the exiting of the desiccants. Featuring an anodized aluminum frame, slim line dispensing head, and integrated color touch screen human machine interface, the feeder accepts pouches from all major manufacturers. Omega Design,

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Publication:Material Handling Product News
Date:Apr 1, 2019
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