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Non-digestible oligosaccharides. (Raw Material Research).

Raw Material: Non-digestible oligosaccharides

Indication: Calcium absorption/intake

Source: British J Nutr, 2002;87(2)S187-S191

Research: A total of 59 subjects were studied using a balanced, randomized, crossover design. The subjects received, in random order, 8 g/d placebo (sucrose), oligofructose or a mixture of inulin and oligofructose for three weeks, separated by a two week washout period. Throughout the study, subjects consumed a total of approximately 1500 mg/d dietary calcium, by adding two glass of calcium fortified orange juice to their diet. Four grams of placebo, oligofructose or the mixture of inulin and oligofructose was added to each glass of orange juice immediately before it was consumed. At the end of each three week adaptation period, calcium absorption was measured using a dual stable isotope technique from the cumulative fractional excretion of an oral and an intravenous tracer over 48 hours.

Results: Calcium absorption was significantly higher in the group receiving the inulin and oligofructose mixture than in the placebo group, but no significant difference was seen between the oligofructose group and the placebo group. Researchers concluded that modest intakes of an mum and oligofructose mixture increases calcium absorption in girls at or near menarche.
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Publication:Nutraceuticals World
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Date:Sep 1, 2002
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