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Non-Hormonal Supplement Targets Menopause Symptom Relief: EQUELLE helps alleviate hot flashes and muscles aches associated with menopause.

EQUELLE, a new non-prescription, non-hormonal supplement from Pharmavite, has been shown to alleviate the frequency of hot flashes and muscle aches associated with menopause.

Approximately 6,000 women in the U.S. reach menopause each day and about 85% of women experience some kind of bothersome symptoms. Hot flashes are the most common menopause symptom and are the second most common in perimenopause. Seventy-five percent of women in the U.S. experience hot flashes, according to the U.S Department of Health and Human Services.

The active ingredient in EQUELLE is S-equol, which is naturally derived from a plant compound; it shares a similar structure to estrogen and binds to select estrogen receptors in the body. With this bond, S-equol helps alleviate hot flashes and muscle aches associated with menopause.

"Thousands of women suffer from menopause symptoms like hot flashes, night sweats, sleep issues, mood changes, vaginal dryness, muscle aches, and so much more," said Tara Allmen, MD, board certified gynecologist and author of Menopause Confidential. "The exciting news is that there is now a new non-hormonal alternative for women that improves both the frequency of hot flashes and muscle aches associated with menopause."

Two tablets of EQUELLE should be taken twice daily with a glass of water. In clinical trials, women saw results in as few as four weeks, with optimal results in eight to 12 weeks. EQUELLE has clinical data to support its efficacy and safety. In clinical studies, there were no major adverse events reported. The active ingredient S-equol is affirmed safe in both food and drug supplements (journal of Women's Health, 2012).

Collagen Candy

Reserveage Nutrition has developed Collagen Candy, a powdered product that dissolves on the tongue. With continued double-digit growth in the collagen category, Reserveage is offering a candy-style stick delivery system that does not require water or mixing. Reserveage's Collagen Candy contains patented collagen peptides backed by two published, double-blind clinical studies, one of which shows reduced volume of eye wrinkles by 20% within eight weeks.

Collagen is a protein that binds tissue and makes up about 75% of the skin's dry weight giving it volume to keep it looking plump and minimizing lines and wrinkles. However, as early as age 30, the body makes about 1% less collagen each year, breaking it down faster than the body can replace it. Exposure to UV rays, cigarette smoke, pollution, or having a poor diet can also speed up collagen loss. Easily digested and quality collagen can be challenging to get from foods, which is why collagen supplements are one of the most popular nutritional products on the market. Studies show that collagen has benefits beyond skin elasticity and wrinkles; some have shown collagen supplements support healthy nails and smoother-looking thighs.

"Our research shows that not only are women experiencing pill fatigue, but they are also feeling drink fatigued with so many nutritional powders requiring mixing into a beverage," said Yamit Sadok, a member of the product development team for Reserveage. "That's the beauty of Collagen Candy. You can get a full serving of highly absorbable collagen that's convenient, fun, and delicious."

Collagen Candy contains the clinically studied Verisol Bioactive Collagen Peptides. This patented collagen has been demonstrated in clinical studies to increase collagen production by 65%; improve skin smoothness; maintain skin elasticity and increase elastin production by 18%; support healthy nails; and reduce volume of eye wrinkles by 20% within eight weeks. Collagen Candy also contains hyaluronic acid to support healthy skin and vitamin C to promote normal collagen production. It does not contain sugar, gluten, or dairy, contains 10 calories per stick, and is paleo- and keto-diet friendly. Collagen Candy comes in a sour apple and cucumber watermelon flavors and is easy to use on the go.

Practitioner Channel Keto Line

Designs For Health (DFH), a practitioner-channel dietary supplement company, has launched KTO-360 a "five ways to keto" line that is the first healthcare practitioner-recommended line to be formulated with the keto-friendly, next-generation sweetener allulose, according to the company. Products include KTO-360 Powder with grass-fed butter, avocado oil, caprylic acid MCTs, and collagen; KTO-ElectroPure magnesium-charged electrolyte concentrate for rapid hydration; KTO-C8 100 tasteless and odorless 100% pure caprylic acid (C8) MCTs from coconut oil; KTO-Bar, a coconut hemp chocolate, high-fat, low-carb (HFLC) bar with an allulose - sweetened base; and KTO-C8 Chews, an allulose-sweetened caprylic acid (C8) MCT with a strawberry-watermelon flavor.

"We continue to be amazed by the many benefits of a HFLC ketogenic diet," said Neal Mercado, vice president of marketing and innovation at DFH, "and with its significant benefits to our practitioner customers and their patients, we decided to lead and disrupt the category by developing products with superior ingredients, novel formulations, and multiple occasion uses to support a ketogenic lifestyle."

Mercado added that, "DFH has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation; and using allulose, which has no impact on blood glucose levels and one tenth the calories of sugar, is no exception. In fact, we have been formulating with it since 2017."

The KTO-360 products were designed to follow the 70% fat, 20% protein, and 10% carbohydrate ratio that is the basis of a ketogenic diet. "What we have been able to achieve is not only a comprehensive HFLC product suite formulated to support the wide range of practitioner use occasions, but one that tastes amazing as well. Creating market-leading formulations was just one of our goals for the KTO-360 line," said Mercado. "When it comes to people maintaining a significant diet and lifestyle change, taste is key."

According to Mordor Intelligence, the ketogenic diet food market was valued at $9.08 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $12.35 billion in 2024, at an estimated CAGR of 5.3%, during the forecast period.

CBD Alternatives for Practitioners

Emerald Health Bioceuticals, a leader in phytocannabinoid science, has partnered with Emerson Ecologies, LLC to offer CBD alternatives to integrative health practitioners.

"The understanding of the endocannabinoid system is rapidly expanding, and so is the need for endocannabinoid support products. We're so excited here at Emerson to offer a cannabis-free herbal option for practitioners and patients who would like alternatives to CBD," said Jaclyn Chasse, ND, vice president of medical education & Wellevate at Emerson.

"We understand the excitement generated by the growing category of endocannabinoid health and wanted to create a line that goes beyond CBD by offering practitioners and their patients the health support results they may be looking for, but with a more comprehensive and targeted approach. Our relationship with Emerson allows thousands of practitioners to offer our products to their patients with the confidence of knowing they are safe, legal, and effective," said Jade Beutler, CEO at Emerald.

Emerald's science-backed line addresses patients' five most common health concerns--sleep, healthy inflammation, occasional anxiety, mood, and cognition--with a blend of cannabis-free herbs and botanicals that demonstrate a broad "entourage effect" on the endocannabinoid system according to a recent in vitro study. Plus, the line is drug test and DSHEA (Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act) compliant, vegan, and gluten-free.

Mythocondro Chondroitin Sulfate

Health Logics, a healthy aging supplement brand, has launched clinically tested Mythocondro 600 mg capsules. Clinical trials have suggested that Health Logics Mythocondro (vegetarian chondroitin sulfate sodium), supports joint health while also promoting comfort and mobility, the company said.

The active ingredient in Mythocondro, chondroitin sulfate, is a critical component of cartilage that's responsible for its compression and shock absorbing properties. It is produced by a patented fermentation-based manufacturing process, and the company claimed it's the first non-animal chondroitin sulfate in the marketplace produced through fermentation. Health Logics reported its chondroitin sulfate is clinically shown to be 43% more bioavailable when compared to bovine chondroitin sulfate and effective at 600 mg daily dosage for joint comfort and mobility.

"Our vegan Mythocondro is clinically proven to support joint health," said Randall Dizon of Health Logics. "It has been shown to naturally promote both joint comfort and mobility while reducing joint pain. It also has 43% better absorption when compared to bovine chondroitin sulfate."

A single Health Logics Mythocondro vegetarian capsule delivers a clinically relevant dose of 600 mg of chondroitin sulfate in a patented stabilized form that does not require enteric coating. To ensure the highest quality chondroitin sulfate, Health Logics uses Mythocondro, produced from Gnosis by Lesaffre. Health Logics vegan Mythocondro is gluten-free, non-GMO, contains no solvents or artificial colors and is manufactured in a cGMP compliant facility.
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