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Non bitter wheat gluten hydrolysate enzymes.

With more and more food companies looking to add both health and functional properties to their foods, alternative substrates are being utilised producing a range of benefits and Biocatalysts have two new products for this market.

Promod [TM] 795P is a high performance protease designed for extensive hydrolysis of wheat gluten. If you are looking for a smooth non-bitter flavoured hydrolysate containing high levels of free amino acids, then Promod [TM] 795P may be of interest. This enzyme can also be used to produce a degree of hydrolysis of>20%.

Additionally, if it is efficient flavour production that you are looking for then Flavorpro [TM] 863P. This is a protease preparation containing endo-, exopeptidase and glutaminase that can be used to hydrolyse proteins such as wheat and soya. It has been shown to increase solubility and digestibility and create a non-bitter protein hydrolysates with an enhanced flavour. Both new products are suitable for use in kosher and vegetarian applications.

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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jun 1, 2010
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