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Nomophobia on the rise in Pakistan.

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Flare Magazine has conducted a survey regarding the issue of nomophobia (fear of not having mobile phone) topic and found mostly people particularly youth and women have addiction to their smartphones and became anxious when it went missing.

The survey revealed many under 30s the smartphone is an extension of themselves from the moment they wake up until they fall asleep. These people check for texts emails and social media at least once every 10 minutes.

Women the survey suggests are more likely to check their cell phones and more likely to suffer from nomophobia than men in general. Nomophobia is most common in women from ages 15-30.

Some common questions rise in mind as are you in the category of individuals who pick up their phones as the first thing they check when they wake up Are you always on social applications for long hours Do you feel uneasy when you do not have your phone around even for a few hours Well well well I do not need a degree to diagnose your predicament if all the answers to these three questions are yes yes and Yes! You are NOMOPHOBIC.

Nomophobia is on the rise. In a survey by Flare 65 percent of respondents are afraid of losing or being without their mobile phones while 41 percent are so worried they own two or more phones.

Women (65 percent) are more worried than men (60 percent) about being without a phone but that could be because men are more likely to have multiple phones than women (47 percent compared to 36 percent). It's not surprising that people ages 15 to 30 are most nomophobic (77 percent).

Why it matters to your business: Nomophobia is on the rise. In a recent study by SecurEnvoy 67 percent of respondents are afraid of losing or being without their mobile phones up from 53 percent in the prior survey four years ago. In fact 41 percent are so worried they own two or more phones.

Yes I said Nomophobic. Nomophobia is a simple fear of not having your mobile phone around you to use. Recently there has been a very strange phenomenon that is creeping into society. Flare finds it truly amazing. If you enter a room full of teenagers you would realise something very distinct about them. They all seem to be using their mobile phones everywhere. Where you would usually expect the normal awkward moment of hello my name is Mazhar what's yours' you would rather see two individuals seated beside each other with one using the Whatsapp application or Facebook or Twitter as cellular companies have started 3G/4G services across the Pakistan.

Talking to virtual friends and making virtual new friends you cannot see or touch and totally ignoring those seated right beside you.

Funny thing is that you as an individual reading this article are doing something that is fast diminishing in society. Unfortunately like the latest fashion trends nomophobia is fast rising amongst students in this ever growing global society. It has wormed its way into the minds of a very large scope of individuals and has unknowingly become a fad.

The exponential increase in addiction rose with the advent of social apps like Whatsapp Twitter and Facebook. Now hold on a second these applications do come in very handy no doubt about that yet the youth of today are spending huge amounts of time chattering away on them; forgetting to build on themselves and improve.

In Pakistan now out of every ten students nine posses mobile phones. This literally puts the world at their fingertips; any information they need about anything on the planet is made available to them. This also means that 90% of the youth are susceptible to falling prey to mobile phone addiction.

Lately the education system seems geared towards recall rather than a life of learning for growth and enhancement. Being Nomophobic can affect individuals in a myriad of ways and the only way to break this phobia is by putting in measures of discipline as regards the use of time for mobile phones. Whether you decide to look at it in terms of physical implications or retardation of mental growth and stagnation in personal growth the final decision rests with and on you. What measures would you take with this knowledge you have acquired You are in charge of your life choose wisely. Nomophobia has multiple indicators the fear of being without the smartphone; having no reception; or losing battery strength. Any of these elements have the ability to generate panic in the user and many individuals don't even realise they're nomophobic.

Designed to enhance communication research has demonstrated that smartphones can do exactly the opposite. Smartphones provide a means of avoiding face-to-face encounters in real-time and make it easy to withdraw from human contact.
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Date:Mar 31, 2015
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