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Nokia Destination Design Event.

Nokia Destination Design Event

Nokia showcases its Design Strategy and unveils six new handsets that merge modern functionality with trendy and sophisticated looks

In Marrakech, one of the most privileged jet-set destinations in the world, Nokia gathered around 100 members of the media from various markets in Middle East and Africa as well as selected guests and VIPs to attend the Nokia Destination Design. During this event Nokia showcased its design strategy and philosophy and presented a vibrant and bold fashion show inspired by its latest device range.

Nokia Design Philosophy

A mobile is a very personal object, one you keep close to you at all times - be that in your bag or tucked in your pocket. Silas Grant, Senior Design Manager stated that: "A phone is more than a piece of technology; you take it everywhere, tell it intimate things, and it can even reflect your mood and personality. Most of your life is contained within this constant companion, from contacts and messages to personal photos, videos, and your favorite song of all time".

Mark Delaney, Head of Connect Design added: "For Nokia, really good mobile design is about more than just style. Design has to deliver objects and services that are not only beautiful to look at, but that also work just the way people want them to. This beauty of use is central to Nokia's work and brand".

People and their behavior are our prime concern. Clearly design is a very personal experience and understanding how mobiles fit into and enhance people's mobiles lifestyles is vital. For this reason, Nokia doesn't focus its attention on just one design or specific part of the market. Younghee Jung explained: "Our designers keep track of different needs and lifestyles by conducting detailed research and street anthropology all around the world. Based on this understanding we then use technology to create shapes, textures, features and services that people love and want to use."

Introducing Nokia's new handset range

Recognizing that no one style fits all, Nokia launched six new products to let consumers express their personal preferences on a number of levels ranging from stylish designs, to personalization through vibrantly hued exchangeable covers.

The first four devices are part of the new Nokia Supernova range. The new Nokia 7610, 7510, 7310 and 7210 feature a mix of bold colors and of-the-moment designs, evoking the allure of the latest statement handbags or must-have sunglasses. Aimed at style conscious men and women who want to stay connected, the new range delivers exceptional mobile functionality alongside a variety of music and internet experiences.

The other two devices, Nokia 6600 slide and Nokia 6600 fold, balance stunning and sophisticated looks with the latest in mobile functionality. These two devices present a smooth, minimalist design and an appealing array of easy-to-use features.

"There is a strong consumer demand for mobile handsets that blend elegant looks with modern features," said Christophe Corsi, Head of Live Category, Nokia MENA and SSA. "Each of these devices introduced today offers a slightly different take on a core design language. We believe they are both beautiful to use and beautiful to behold - and offer a range of choice."

Young fashion designers crafting a collection inspired by Nokia's latest handsets

This prestigious event also offered a unique opportunity for young designers to unveil their talent by developing and presenting a fashion collection fully inspired by Nokia's latest handsets.

Seven young and rising designers, Heba Awadi, Egypt; Vaishali Morjalia, Kenya; Diane Ferjane, Lebanon; Ilham Lahmoudi, Morocco; Temitayo Oyetunji, Nigeria; Jamshed Irani, Pakistan; Mosa Mokuena, South Africa; selected among 40 candidates from all around the region, based their creation on these new fashion handsets in order to illustrate their variety and beauty.

Lebanese designer Aisha, who was chosen to fuse her style with Nokia 7900 Prism handset at Dubai International fashion week last October 2007, came to Marrakech to support the event and to share her own experience with the young designers

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Date:Jul 7, 2008
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