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Nograles pushes 'green' industries, tax perks in Congress.

The House Committee on Labor has approved a bill seeking to provide fiscal incentives and tax perks to encourage individuals and enterprises to participate in the creation of green jobs, practice the use of environment-friendly techonologies and produce green goods and services.

Davao City Rep. Karlo Alexei Nograles, principal author of the measure said following the committee approval, they endorsed House Bill 4969 or the Philippine Green Jobs Act (PGJA) for second reading.

He said the measure, which seeks to open job opportunities in the field of green technology and environment conservation, also got the backing of the House Committee on Appropriation and the Ways and Means Committee.

"With the adverse effects of climate change being felt around the world and its increasing threat to lives and properties, nations have found it imperative to facilitate and guide the process of making industries less harmful to the environment," Nograles said.

Under the "green jobs bill," the so-called "green companies" or business enterprises that are involved in the production of environment friendly products and those that offer services to promote environmental protection and conservation are entitled to fiscal incentives that may include additional deduction of labor expense and duty free importation of capital equipment.

HB 4969 tasks the Department of Finance to determine and administer the incentives.

Nograles expressed hope that with the measure, many "green investments" such as those that are involved in the production of electronic vehicles, solar panels and even power companies that use renewable resources will be established in the country.

"This is the future. I think that in the next 10 to 20 years, we will already see a lot of homes equipped with their own solar panels and homes that have their own water recycling facilities. What we need now is to encourage more investments on green technology," Nograles said.

The House leader cited the need for both public and private sectors to engage in a more sustainable use of their natural resources and harness the full potential of renewable resources as world's resources dwindle.

"Public policy must center on developing a green jobs agenda, enhancing workers skills, and ensuring a just transition to a green economy," Nograles said.

Nograles' proposal tasks the Department of Labor and Employment to create a national green jobs human resource development plan, which will sustain the transition into a green economy.


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Publication:Manila Bulletin
Date:Aug 15, 2015
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