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'Future shock?' We ain't got no steenking future shock: we've come a long way in almost 40 years. Not only do we expect change, we demand it. May 1, 2009 691
Weighing the options: the old saw about how "it's hard to drain the swamp when you're up to your neck in alligators," may have a new application when weighing a wounded economy with other, less pressing, concerns. Apr 1, 2009 710
Cold cash recovery and the soft side of business: MAN welcomes a new columnist and we wonder if a trillion dollars worth of pork can fix things. Mar 1, 2009 634
Kids and their newfangled computers: who would have expected computerized doorknobs in 1978? Dec 1, 2008 762
Pity the little guy: it's no longer a case of "the bigger they are, the harder they fall." Now it's the big businesses that get coddled and the small shops that take it on the chin. Nov 1, 2008 744
Accelerated convergence: regardless of the politics involved, this year's presidential campaign forecasts changes in the way business is done. Oct 1, 2008 678
Maybe a cape would make us more popular: it says something about our culture when an annual comic book convention draws 30,000 more people than the United State's largest biyearly manufacturing show. Sep 1, 2008 739
Heads in the sand; We've become an inward-looking society since we first set foot on the moon, and it's not something of which we can be proud. Aug 1, 2008 701
Everyday miracles: look around. We take machining so much for granted that it's hard to imagine what we--and the world--would be like without it. Jul 1, 2008 694
Let's make machining a Girlie profession: isn't it about time to drop our gender blinders about which sex belongs in the shop? Jun 1, 2008 719
Paradigm shift: what does the future hold for metalworking trade shows and magazines? May 1, 2008 753
PIMBY. Apr 1, 2008 773
Uh, oh, there's talk of the 'R' word: hard landing or soft landing, there's bound to be an economic reckoning--with the bogeyman Recession peaking out of the closet--now that the housing bubble has burst and consumers are up to their necks in debt. Mar 1, 2008 655
The human condition. Feb 1, 2008 545
Decisions, decisions: in a world of constant technology updates, when is the right time to buy a new machine? Jan 1, 2008 703
Plan ahead: we all like to think we'll live forever, but no one has yet. It's never too early to think about succession planning. Dec 1, 2007 667
Gaze into your crystal ball: life moves fast and technology seems to move even faster. As readers, what's your guess as to what the future holds? Nov 1, 2007 654
The future sneaks up on us: Alvin Toffler wrote Future Shock to warn about the impact of technological advances on society. He may have overestimated things. Today we accept "miracles" of science as the expected. Oct 1, 2007 703
I'm guilty as charged: sometimes a belief, even erroneous, can be pounded into our brains so that we take it for granted. Here's my mea culpa for letting the media sway my attitudes toward corporations. Sep 1, 2007 739
Free advice, and worth every penny: drop us a line and let us know what you need. Aug 1, 2007 646
Root cause analysis: where have all of the U.S. manufacturing jobs gone? Check the makers of all of the stuff in the big box stores. We're shooting ourselves in the foot. Jul 1, 2007 643
EASTEC roundup: slow for some, but with bright spots; SME's annual trade show east of the Mississippi drew crowds, but opinions varied about their number. Jul 1, 2007 585
Globalization: the good, the bad, and the beauty: we had it easy for a while, now other countries are learning how to compete and we have to cope with that or kiss the glory days good-bye. Jun 1, 2007 692
MAN 2007 workholding survey results: Modern Applications News asked its readership about workholding products used in their shops; here's what they had to say. Jun 1, 2007 1329
The rise of the machines: as the native intelligence of the machines on the shop floor rises, employees have to keep up or be left behind. May 1, 2007 671
Hot enough for you? Global warming has become a religion and anyone questioning true-believers is an irresponsible heretic. We need to nail some new theses to the cathedral door. Apr 1, 2007 689
Scratching a niche: Jay Pierson began his business making mountain bike parts, but unintended consequences drove him into manufacturing for a small, but successful market. Apr 1, 2007 2809
Space: too important to be left to the government; How is it we can put a man on the moon, but we can't ... Mar 1, 2007 735
'Do you want fries with that?' Work in the service industry and become a servant. That's the result when we stop making stuff and start selling "vapor" to each other. Feb 1, 2007 726
You pay it now or you pay it later: eighty percent of health-care costs happen in the last 20 percent of a lifetime. As baby boomers age into that 20-percent realm, everyone gets more concerned about health care costs. Jan 1, 2007 762
A North Korea collapse may benefit U.S. job shops: China holds its breath as North Korea plays diplomatic roulette. Depending on how things shake out, job shops in America might get a break from Asian machine shop competition. Dec 1, 2006 717
Continuous improvement=continuous chaos? "Change" is a roller-coaster ride. Some people enjoy it, for others it's white-knuckle terror. Using it properly means getting the traction to move ahead rather than futilely spinning wheels. Nov 1, 2006 560
Why Johnnie can't think: a full and proper education is an important factor in preparing for adulthood, but somehow we've lost track of what future generations need. Oct 1, 2006 744
Change and continuity: John Mullally has left some big shoes to fill, but he'll still be acting as MAN's guardian angel. Sep 1, 2006 833

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