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Nobody's immune from making mistakes; SPORTSMAIL.

Byline: Carol Price

MANY of us are aware that your correspondent Mr. Chima (Fans' Zone Nov 20 and Letters Nov 29) likes the sound of his own voice as he has frequently shown on the local radio programmes. However, he seems to think he can attribute his opinions to the 'majority of fans'. You Y do not have to be in the 'Jordan Clarke fan club' to find his opinion unfair and vindictive.

Though the facts he quoted may be correct, some of us supporters prefer to see the bigger picture when watching matches so here are some more facts: During last season and up to when Jordan went to Yeovil on loan, the team Y conceded over 100 goals. If you wanted to be picky you could blame someone for every goal that is scored - Mr. Chima has blamed Jordan for two of those goals. 'Fatal errors?' Did anyone die? Football is a team game - players make mistakes all over the pitch but if a forward misses a chance or a penalty although it may stop you winning the game it will not cause you to lose the game as when a defender or goalkeeper makes an error. (Callum Wilson missed a penalty in one match which resulted in a draw rather than a win so two points dropped. Nobody has, or should, castigate him for this - it happens!) Even players at the top level, captains of their club and country, make costly errors (Steven Gerrard last season).

I wasn't aware that on graduating from the Academy and signing a professional contract, players were then expected to be selected for every game and turn out to be world class!

There are thousands of professional players who never reach the top leagues but are still valuable players for their clubs. Not everyone is fortunate enough to play at the top level but some top players, whose agents have won them hefty contracts in the Premier League, spend much of their time on the bench and hardly play at all. Supposedly this means they have progressed.

Obviously Mr Chima fulfilled all his potential at school and university and is probably now an eminent brain surgeon. I wonder how he would fare if he had thousands of people watching his every move. Whatever his profession, if he had this vindictive attitude towards his colleagues he would rightly be accused of victimisation and bullying.

I thought Jordan Clarke had a good season last season at Sixfields and was my 'man of the match' on several occasions. It may be that he lost some confidence recently but if he returns I for one would certainly welcome him back to the squad.

Carol Price

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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Dec 5, 2014
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