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Noble Canadians.

A long with New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, India, and others, Canada fought in someone else's wars for the abstract notions of justice and freedom. This was true in two World Wars and the Korean War. Canada was not threatened with invasion or conquest in these wars, yet it sent soldiers to fight and die in all of them. Canada, alone among the Dominions, did not seek territorial acquisitions in the peace settlements. Historian J.L. Granatstein wonders about Canada's motives. "There may be something noble in this. To fight for abstractions, to mobilize in defence of principles, is altruism of the highest order. Or, there mights be something utterly foolish in a nation arming its manpower and going off to war for abstractions.

"In such circumstances, why should young Canadians have been sent to the trenches in Flanders, to the hills of Hong Kong, and the pebbled beaches of Dieppe, to die?"
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Title Annotation:War - Causes; Canada's role in international conflicts
Publication:Canada and the World Backgrounder
Date:Apr 1, 1995
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