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Noah's flood may have started in Carmel Mountains in Israel.

Byline: ANI

Jerusalem, Dec 11 (ANI): A marine archeologist has put forward a theory that suggests the origin of the flood of Noah, which according to the bible had destroyed much of humanity, was the Carmel Mountains in Israel.

According to a report in Jerusalem Post, the new theory about the source of the great flood detailed in the Book of Genesis, has been put forward by a British marine archeologist Dr. Sean Kingsley.

In the theory posited by Dr. Kingsley, the drowning of the Carmel Mountains' villages 7,000 years ago, which include houses, temples, graves, water wells, workshops and stone tools, is by far "the most compelling" archeological evidence exposed to date for Noah's flood.

The earlier theory suggested that the inundation of the Black Sea more than seven millennia ago was the biblical flood.

"What's more convincing scientifically, a flood in the Black Sea, so far away from Israel and the fantasy of a supposed ark marooned on the slopes of Mount Ararat, or six submerged Neolithic villages smack-bang in the middle of the Bible Land?" Kingsley said.

He added that the site, which has been excavated by Israeli archeologist Dr. Ehud Galili over the last quarter-century, offers a "pretty convincing cocktail of coincidences," including submerged layers of villages in a critical location, and one that was known for its nautical revolution.

"Based on our archeological finds, the village was not abandoned due to a catastrophic event, but due to the slow rise of sea levels which occurred all over the world," said Kingsley.

"The pace of the increase in the sea level was very slow, so that it would not be significant enough for people to remember it in the course of their lifetime," he added.

According to Kingsley, he had begun studying the origins of Noah's flood five years ago as a result of his interest into "how mythologies came into existence," as well as a desire to connect the biblical story with global warming.

The alternate theory that the inundation of the Black Sea around 5,600 BCE was the source of the biblical flood is called into question by the fact that no villages, houses, cemeteries or graves have ever been found under its waves, he added.

"The precise timing of this localized flooding is still being worked out, but there is no doubt that the villages of the Carmel were lost not to earthquakes or tectonic movements but to killer waves," Kingsley said. (ANI)

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Publication:Asian News International
Date:Dec 11, 2008
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