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No. More. Boring. Hair. Ever! Seven days, seven fresh looks. All from just one basic haircut.

When we recently polled over 2,000 girls about their No. 1 hair gripe, nearly half said the same thing: "I am totally bored with my hair!" The GL solution? Get our favorite hair guru Damon Von Osdel to pick the perfect cut and create a week's worth of super-cute styling options. "Most girls look great with a mid-length, layered cut with longish bangs," says Damon. "It's a good style because it flatters lots of hair and face types." So that's what he did for Jenna, 14, who confesses she previously wore her all-one-length blunt cut in a ponytail "about every single day!" Small changes can have a big impact, Damon tell us. "Don't be afraid to experiment. Move your part! Get bangs! Try a curling iron if you always wear it straight, or smooth it out with a flat-iron for a sleek style if you always put it up. Even short-hair girls can get in on the fun with product and cute little accessories."



GET THE LOOK While your hair is still damp, create a deep side part. Using a round brush and following it with your dryer, blow hair in sections, leaving bangs for last. When almost finished, place your brush at the base of your bangs, gently lifting them onto the brush, and pull your hair over and down to the side, following with your blow dryer and flipping the ends out a little. Finish with a spritz of hairspray.

GL LOVES K-Pak Protective Hairspray ($14, holds, nourishes and keeps hair soft after blow drying.



GET THE LOOK Divide damp hair into four sections, securing each with a clip. Starting with the two back sections, use a flat paddle brush while blowing hair. Once hair is dry, gather your bangs or the front section of hair and twist it back. Use a couple bobby pins to secure the twist in place, then add two decorative pins.

GL LOVES For silky smoothness, use Wellbeing Shine Helper ($10, before drying, then finish with Citre Shine Fresh Fusion Shine Mist ($4, drugstores) to fight frizz.



GET THE LOOK While hair is still damp, work in some smoothing gel. Then, use a fine-tooth comb to part hair down the center. Divide each half into two sections, securing with clips. Use a flat paddle brush when blowing each section dry, then reclip. Working section by section, smooth hair with a flat iron.

GL LOVES For a polished look, mist with Paul Mitchell The Shine ($12, onto finished 'do for big-time shine and gloss. The Conair Professional Ceramic Straightener ($40, Target) is easy to use and great for this style.



GET THE LOOK Blow hair dry, then section oft bangs from your hairline to two inches back. Clip the rest of your hair out of the way. Starting at the top of your bangs, divide a small section of hair into three strands and start a basic braid. As you braid, grab small pieces of hair to work into your mini-French braid. Twist a hair band around the end. Tuck the braid behind your ear.

GL LOVES To keep braid from frizzing, comb in Alberto V05 Smoothing! Souffle ($3.50, drugstores) before drying.



GET THE LOOK While your hair is damp, create a deep side part. Using a round brush and following it with your dryer, blow hair in sections. Next, tuck the brushed section underneath the hair that falls on the same side. Use a few bobby pins to hold the tucked hair into place.

GL LOVES After styling, smooth on Tigi After Party Smoothing Cream, ($18, for silky, fabulous-smelling hair.



GET THE LOOK Apply volumizing mousse, then blow hair dry. Part down the middle, then divide hair into sections, front to back. Curl small pieces at a time with a 1-inch barrel curling iron. Roll each piece back and away from your face. When finished, lightly feather with a paddle brush. Finish with a flexible-hold hairspray.

GL LOVES Conair's Instant Heat Curling Iron ($15, gets hot in 60 seconds flat!



GET THE LOOK Pull hair into a low ponytail. Bend the ponytail upward, and fold it back down in half. Secure with a large barrette. If your hair is long, use two large barrettes. Finish with hairspray to seal strays.

GL LOVES Condition ends with Charles Worthington Super-Light Dry-Ends Serum Spray ($6, drugstores) so the finished look is glass-smooth.

TOTALLY GLAM: Top, TROO. Earrings, Icing by Claire's. FALL'S TRENDY HEADBAND BRAID: Top, Speechless. Capelet wrap, TROO. Necklace, Icing by Claire's. SWITCH YOUR PART: Silk top,TROO. STRAIGHT-FROM-THE-RUNWAY UP 'DO: Crochet shrug, Heart and Soul. Barrettes by Goody. PRETTY PULLED-OVER BANGS: Halter top, Heart and Soul. Double-wrap kimono, TROO. Earrings, Icing by Claire's. EASY DRAMA: Halter top, Heart and Soul Shrug, XOXO. BARRETTES WITH A TWIST: Top, Soundgirl. Barrettes by Claire's.
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