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No. 4 Rescom Ventures Inc.


The financial Cinderella story of Rescom began in 1984 when Ed Prefontaine and Gord Henke, Winnipeg-based consulting engineers, discovered that there was a market for a client/portfolio management program. As such, "Market-Mate" was born--a software product designed for account management, analysis and prospecting functionality.

Market-Mate was an instant hit with Canadian and American brokerage firms as evidenced by the list of clients it secured--Richardson Greenshields, Burns Fry, Wood Gundy and Midland Doherty.

Though the majority of Rescom's clientele is from the East, the company remains in Winnipeg by choice. Prefontaine sees Winniped as "an excellent environment for technical development with adequate computer graduates and low overhead costs."

Since 1986, two additional products have been added to the Rescom line--Ticker Talk, a touch-tone telephone stock market price inquiry system; and International Manager, a multiple currency portfolio management system.

The stock market crash of 1987 seriously affected Rescom's customers and hurt the company balance sheet. However, shareholders have shown great faith in the company, having poured in some $800,000 in capital investment since 1984.

Rescom has started to develop Artificial Intelligence utilizing graphics and windowing techniques for brokerage firms. It has made use of such government supports as the Technology Commercialization Program. Recovering from the twofold effect of the October, 1987 crash has been slow, but reassuringly steady, so Ed Prefontaine is smiling these days.
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Title Annotation:Manitoba's 50 Fastest Growing Companies
Author:Matwijiw, Colleen
Publication:Manitoba Business
Date:Jan 1, 1990
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