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No-sweat bubble test.

Directions: Read each question below, then use the article "View From the Top" (pp. 4-7) to determine the best answer. Completely fill in the bubble next to your answer.

1. Which of the following statements about giant sequoias is NOT true?

(A) They lose all their needles every fall.

(B) They grow only in central California.

(C) They are evergreen trees.

(D) They can live up to 3,000 years.

2. Scientists worried that which natural hazard may be harming giant sequoias?

(A) wildfires

(B) drought

(C) flooding

(D) earthquakes

3. The article states, "A single tree can guzzle up to 3,030 liters (800 gallons) of water a day." What is a synonym for guzzle?

(A) produce

(B) narrow

(C) grow

(D) drink

4. Which part of a tree absorbs sunlight during photosynthesis?

(A) leaves

(B) veins

(C) branches

(D) roots

5. What is one function of the pores in a tree's leaves?

(A) to soak up water from the soil

(B) to keep water inside the tree from evaporating

(C) to carry water throughout the tree

(D) to collect carbon dioxide from the air

6. Scientists were concerned about the health of giant sequoias when they noticed that they were --.

(A) shorter than usual

(B) falling down

(C) losing their needles

(D) not absorbing water

7. Scientists attached sensors to the tops of the sequoias. The sensors measure --,

(A) the tree's height

(B) the temperature and moisture level in the air

(C) the wind speed

(D) the size of needles

8. What are scientists hoping to learn by studying needles from sequoia trees?

(A) how much water is inside a tree

(B) the strength of the needles

(C) the age of the tree

(D) how the trees compare with sequoias in Europe

9. Which statement best explains how scientists expect climate change to affect sequoias?

(A) More storms will provide more water for the trees.

(B) More frequent droughts will mean there will be less water for the trees to drink.

(C) High winds will knock most of the trees down.

(D) Colder temperatures will freeze the trees.

10. Which word describes how Anthony Ambrose feels about climbing giant sequoias?

(A) enthusiastic

(B) fearful

(C) reluctant

(D) indifferent


1. a 2. b 3. d 4. a 5. d 6. c 7. b 8. a 9. b 10. a

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Date:Apr 1, 2016
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