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No-Tox Food Grade Air Line Lubricant.


No-Tox Food Grade Air Line Lubricant is designed to maximize air tool life and optimize pneumatic system performance by reducing wear, corrosion and deposits, while providing superior bacteriological protection by effectively inhibiting the growth of certain bacteria, yeast and mold in the lubricant. In addition to being Kosher, Halal certified and Pareve approved, the No-Tox is formulated with the highest quality USP white mineral oils and food grade additives. Due to its design, the lubricant is compatible with applications including food, pharmaceutical, personal care product manufacturing and beverages. The No-Tox lubricant contains an emulsifier to remove water from the air distribution system; this will help eliminate water from the pneumatic system resulting in a longer component life span. In addition, the lubricant also helps reduce the cost of replacing parts and lost production time due to its anti-wear protection and high film strength which eliminates deposits formation and tool sticking.


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Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:May 1, 2016
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