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Far be it from me to suggest ITV had little faith in its new culinary extravaganza on Tuesday night.

However, just before Cooking With The Stars began ITV ran a promo trailer encouraging viewers to watch the latest episode of Love Island on ITV2 instead.

ITV might be panicking about the dating show's alarming dip in ratings compared to its previous summer outings, but it was still a bizarre move.

I can't imagine M&S was very happy about the snub either, considering all the money it had clearly pumped into the cooking show - and, presumably, ITV's coffers.

In case you missed it, just imagine an hour-long advert for a retail giant in which random celebrities cook some food using ingredients and cooking utensils from said retailing giant. Then try to picture a scenario in which the ad breaks are full of plugs for said retailing giant's latest recipes and where the show ends with a couple of social media influencers (no, me neither) inviting you to visit said retail giant's YouTube channel for extra content.

Nothing wrong with ITV cashing in, of course. But if this is the way TV production is going, you have to wonder where it will all end.

For a start, given the recent copycaterpillar row over Colin and Cuthbert don't be too surprised if Aldi suddenly pitches up on Channel 5 with a celebrity cooking show called Dining With The D-Listers.

The thing is, having sold its soul to Mr Marks and Mr Spencer you might have expected even ITV to be slightly less brazen about it.

Not so. It was as if no one on the team had ever seen the product placement scene in Wayne's World.

A casual shot of the M&S herbs here, a sneaky close-up of the M&S stamp on the bottom of Naughty Boy's saucepan there Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if the plaster on


Harry Judd's sliced finger was "not just any plaster."

out has minutes

While I can't actually confirm that everyone on screen was wearing M&S underwear, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to imagine they were.

As for the show itself, I suppose we could accept Emma Willis's claim that it is "a celebrity cooking contest like no other".

We'd just need to pretend we haven't actually watched

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 16, 2021
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