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No time for romance; You Say

ALONGSIDE the beating heart of his integrity, I've always admired Frank Field's unconstrained intellectual grasp. But such totems are surely irreconcilable within the undemocratic and amoral financial sector.

.INarecent "Mastermind" programme,aScottish contestant(Brian Penleigh)ahuge score answeringquestions the Beatles.

How times have changed!the late 70s, our own Cavern Woo ler appliedtoappear show with his knowledge Beatlesashis specialisedsubject. Hewas refusedonthe that it was not aserious to feature on "Mastermind"!

Worrying himself about why financial institutions are not concerned with the opinions of the electorate (ECHO. October 9), and considering the mores of a century earlier as differing greatly from those of today, perhaps betrays the romantic in him. Yet the totalitarian extension of the finance markets to all aspects of life, which imposes its views and laws on the planet as whole, compromises entirely any notion of Frank's 'rules of good behaviour' becoming 'an affair of the heart'. Until co-operation and human resource supersedes the apparent sovereign rewards of amoral competition, the City's 'heart' will remain in the square mile.

D Frederick, Garston
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 16, 2010
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