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No sympathy for trickery by warden.

AS I was walking from Harman Road towards the Co-op store on the Birmingham Road service road, Wylde Green, on Saturday (June 1, 2019) I observed a traffic warden carrying out his duties.

Local drivers will recall that although there are official parking bays alongside the one way service road, reverse parking, especially near the Harman Road exit, calls for extra care. One vacant saloon car had been left with its rear wheel just over the kerb line. I watched as the traffic warden stood on the adjacent pavement as he recorded the details of this breach.

Almost directly opposite this scene however, near the top of Harman Road, was the same traffic warden's own car.

While he was busy with his notebook, he had parked his own car directly over a continuous yellow line, half off and half on the pavement and road right next to a clear road sign stating no waiting from 8am until midnight!

I appreciate that wardens are given dispensation, as with police and fire service vehicles. However, there was no reasonable reason on this occasion why his car could not have been correctly parked. I felt that this hypocritical performance of a public servant was worthy of a photograph. When the warden saw me taking it he quickly abandoned his booking and scuttled back to his car but unwittingly entered my viewfinder before driving off. A local resident quickly came across to me to thank me, saying that he had observed the same sequence of events previously and considered it most unfair.

Police friends of mine would emphasise the valuable role carried out by responsible and reasonable traffic wardens. However, having fallen victim myself in the past to what I can only describe as "traffic warden trickery" I am not overly sympathetic. Tongue in cheek, I sometimes express the view that more valuable use of funds could be made by issuing the wardens with pooper scoopers.

At the very least I believe that the value and popularity of traffic wardens would greatly increase if their role was broadened to monitor the performance of irresponsible dog owners. John Woodcock, Wylde Green

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Jun 13, 2019
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