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No support for workers; FEEDBACK.

YOUR correspondent Democrat put forward the same old derelict Conservative Party arguments condemning the strike by workers and, in particular, choosing to attack these people who collect our rubbish in Hudders-field.

The strange, if not bizarre, claim is made that the Labour Party is funded by the Trade Unions and therefore supports the strike.

Neither is true. In many trade unions there is a clear recognition that the Labour Party no longer represents working people and some have either abandoned the party or radically reduced financial support.

In common with the Liberals and the Conservatives the Labour Party is funded by big businesses and has an agenda to promote the interests and objectives of multinational capitalism.

Hence the miserable and spineless opposition to the Con-Dem government demonstrated at their recent conference.

Democrat then makes the derisible suggestion that waste collection in Kirklees is done by a private company.

Does he or she actually have no knowledge of the shambles which passes for the privatised railways or energy suppliers in the UK? With privatised bin collections inevitably profit would come before service to the people of Kirklees, public health would be endangered and the wages and conditions of staff would be decimated.

Public sector workers have no choice but to take action. Their wages have been reduced in real terms by 20% by this government. Refuse collectors do something useful keeping our streets clean and reducing disease. However, the Tories throw our money at the rich and the banks.

Their recent reward is to receive PS45m in donations from hedge funds along with cash from privateers.

The Labour Party, along with all the other establishment parties, has no strategy to resist the cuts of the Con-Dem government and meekly accepts austerity.

In the elections of May next year, the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition - TUSC, will be the only organisation campaigning in elections to oppose all cuts, to council jobs, facilities, pay and conditions and mobilising a mass campaign to defeat the dismantling of local government and the essential services it provides.

Quinn Divers Huddersfield

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Oct 13, 2014
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