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No sun and -46C.. it'll be a Longyear.

Longyearbyen is a coal-mining town in the remote Svalbard chain of islands with a population of about 2000 residents.

It was founded by American John Longyear, who started the Arctic Coal Company in 1906.

Temperatures have been known to plummet to as low as -46.3C.

It is illegal to die in Longyearbyen.

Permafrost prevents corpses from decomposing and it was feared preserved bodies could still contain traces of the deadly Spanish flu virus, which had killed miners in 1918. The town's graveyard stopped accepting bodies in the 50s and they have to be shipped to Norway for burial.

You can't be born there either. A lack of facilities means women must go to the mainland to give birth.

It houses a real-life doomsday vault. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault holds copies of seeds from every important plant in the world, although it's too cold to grow them.

More than 3000 polar bears live around Svalbard. Residents have to carry high-powered rifles any time they leave the settlement.

The sun sets each year for the last time in October and does not rise again for four months.

There are no roads outside of the settlements of Longyearbyen, Barentsburg and Ny-Alesund.


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