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CAN I thank the Coventry Telegraph for the coverage of the Brexit debate in its letter pages. Had London TV commentators read those pages then they would not have been so shocked by the solidness of support that Leave voters still have for leaving the EU, deal or no deal.

I share the sentiment of many contributors to the letters pages that a small, but powerful group of the Remainers have been sabotaging the Brexit process from the start.

In such a situation it is easy to be cynical about the role MPs have in this sabotaging process but there are still many MPs with integrity. Dennis Skinner is such an MP. He spoke for many older Leave voters when he recently said that he had been there when Britain joined the Common Market and he had consistently opposed it.

He said: " 1971 the Common Market vote was taken. It took power away from me and gave it to the Council of Ministers. That's undemocratic."

He is an honest politician who speaks from the heart. He understands when democracy is being subverted and he knows that this is what is happening now. I do not share his socialist view of the world but I respect those views and his principled stance.

Finally, it is not just the Irish backstop that is iniquitous about the Withdrawal Agreement.

Pages 259-286 explain how a committee shall oversee the implementation of the Withdrawal Agreement and that this committee will still be monitoring events up to eight years after the transition period has ended.

The final arbiter of any dispute will be the Court of Justices of the European Union. The UK parliament will have no say in the matter. This is not an agreement between equals and no British Government should ever sign up to it.

I hope Coventry's three MPs will continue to oppose it.

Martin Judge Lime Tree Park Don't worry...

royals to rescue LAST year Princess Beatrice was at the Davos World Economic Forum and I felt confident that she would solve the world's economic and political problems.

The year before I put my trust in Prince Andrew who generously attended Davos to sort out the world's economy. I appreciate that there are still global economic issues to solve but don't despair because this year Prince William is attending Davos so all will be well.

Paul Graham Nuneaton Excellent article on tractor history CAN you please pass on my congratulations to Enda Mullen for his excellent article on the history of the Ferguson and Massey-Ferguson tractor production at Banner Lane.

All too often, I grind my teeth when poorly researched articles are published, showing either very poor research by the journalist, or a lack of grasp or interest in the subject, but not so, on this occasion.

As a regular contributor to a number of publications, plus the Friends of Ferguson Heritage Trust house magazine, I am able to draw on a good deal of background information, aside from my own 21 years there and am currently in the throes of writing two more books, relating to the Ferguson and Massey-Ferguson company's products. David Walker Friends of Ferguson Heritage Trust


FEBRUARY 5, 1965: Boys of Coventry cathedral choir practice under Mr David Lepine, the Cathedral organist.

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