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No scoop, just goof.

No scoop, just goof: The government Monday shut down the country's largest circulation daily, Hamshahri, which just happens to be published by the municipality of Tehran under Mayor Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf, a frequent critic of the president. Hamshahri was put in the censor's crosshairs when it published a Page One ad for tourism to India; the ad included a photo of a major tourist site in New Delhi, the uniquely designed Lotus Temple. The temple is a Baha'i house of worship. Ooops! There was a big uproar on both sides, with many City Council members opposing closure but the City Council president supporting it. After one day, the Judiciary reversed the government ban and Hamshahri was allowed back on the streets. Hamshahri's managing director, Ali-Asghar Moheqi, said the closure was political given that two other dailies, Iran, owned by the government, and Khorshid had earlier run the same ad and picture.
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Title Annotation:Tidbits and Morsels: A column of musings on news that might otherwise go unnoticed
Publication:Iran Times International (Washington, DC)
Date:Nov 27, 2009
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