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No red flag for kids with these tools.

Remember the "Leave it to Beaver" episode where the Beav and best friend Larry Mondello drill a hole in the Cleaver's garage wall but, instead of punishing him, Ward ends the episode by buying Beaver and brother Wally their own set of tools? Those memories came flooding back when we recently got our kids a Red Toolbox set and an accompanying work bench. The line includes a wide variety of tools specifically designed to fit a child's grip and original carpentry kits that allow parents and children the opportunity to spend quality time together while learning new skills.

The line provides real tools sold separately and in sets, as well as a variety of projects--such as a picture pack, bird house, and jewelry case, all of which the children can continue using after they have been built.

The first thing any young craftsman needs is a workbench. The Red Toolbox Workbench offers a sturdy work surface, which adjusts to a height of 24"-31.5". Tools will always be at the ready when kept in the organized space along the top. Additionally, the table (24" x 17.5") folds down for compact storage.

A quick and easy way to stock the workbench is with the 8-Piece Tool Set. Containing much needed items such as a hammer, saw, file, tape measure, goggles, and both flat and Phillips screwdrivers, the tools offer comfortable grips sized just right for smaller hands.


A 7.2 V Electric Cordless Drill can be used to drill holes or screw bolts into pieces of wood. It is packed with a charger, bit adapter, two Phillips bits, and a 3.5 mm drill, and also comes in a reduced size for children.

The Mini Golf Accessories Kit is a triple kit that includes the last hole, mini golf putter, and a golf ball. After building the hole, kids can have hours of fun perfecting their putts.

Red Toolbox kits feature a level system--with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced projects. Each level increases in complexity, allowing kids to develop carpentry skills and enhance their creativity as they move forward.

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