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No recognition for home talents.

Sri Lanka, Aug. 11 -- Pakistan is blessed with enough of talents in music or sports but sadly these talents are neither recognized nor respected by some of the countrymen.

After reading the news report 'Rahat Fateh supports Adnan Sami's stay in India', I thought this issue is something people from my neighboring country should take it up seriously.

We all remember the recent incident in Karachi where Wasim Akram narrowly escaped death.

Wasim is not a man who needed any introductions because he is an international figure and he is being acclaimed by the entire cricket fraternity in the world.

Any half blind would easily spot him! Sadly, he commanded more respect outside Pakistan than in Pakistan.

The late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan was another wizard who commanded more respect than in his own country together with another unforgettable maestro, Mehdi Hassan, about whom once the Indian melody queen, Lata Mangeshkar said 'He was the 'king of Gazal', there was never a singer like him in the past and there will never be one in the future' I was also amazed to note the respect Rahat and Adnan command in India rather than in their country of birth.

I would appreciate very much if my Pakistani friends give due respect to their own talents who bring reputation to the country rather than hero worshiping their selfish politicians, who are bent on creating division among people.

One is directing operation from his hide out in London and another from Canada, who succeeded in getting his followers to wear 'kafan cloths' and dig their own graves to protest against the government in power.

Illiterates blindly fall for these so called leaders - I would rather call them dealers!

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Publication:Asian Tribune (India)
Date:Aug 11, 2015
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