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No question's too silly, says adoption team.

PICK up the phone and ask - that's the key message from the Middlesbrough adoption team.

Louise Addison, adoption social worker, said: "No question is too silly to ask; the most important thing is, if you're considering adoption, ring us."

Adoption experts say there is a desperate need for more people to come forward to provide "forever families" - and adoption teams across Teesside hope the increased attention on adoption, thanks to the recent National Adoption Week, will provide inspiration to people to consider adoption.

A wide range of children are hoping to be adopted - from babies, toddlers, older children, sibling groups, children with learning difficulties and from different ethnicities.

Lynn Woodhouse, family placement manager at Middlesbrough Adoption Services, said: "There are no blanket bans in adoption, so please don't think we'll turn you down because you're over 40, single or don't own your own home.

"What we really need are people who can offer a child or sibling group a loving and supportive family for life - people who can help a child recover from the reasons why they came in to care and can help them go on to thrive in a new family.

"Initially, we are simply asking people to come forward and find out more about adoption.

"If you think you might have what it takes, please pick up the phone today."

Forget the myths - you can adopt if you're single or in a relationship, in employment or not, whether you own your home or rent and regardless of race, sexuality or disability.

There are an estimated 4,000 UK children needing adoption every year, many of whom will have suffered trauma in their short lives.
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Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Nov 13, 2013
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