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No pride in new uniform.

I have just received my new uniforms. Feeling proud is far from what I feel. They forgot to supply us with fluoro jackets or safety hats and or a toolbox! I did not know that our job role had changed as well.

These uniforms are terrible. One plain solid colour--navy. No break in the uniform colour anywhere. I can't wait to knock on someone's door in this uniform (I am a community nurse)--I am not sure which tradie they will think is calling! Awful, no reason to feel pride when getting ready for work.

And why didn't we get shorts or three-quarter pants or polo tops like other allied health workers? I guess our health and wellbeing isn't important. Certainly comfort and feeling cool on those lovely hot days in those lovely hot houses was not on the list when choosing them.

I can sacrifice pride in uniform for comfort or efficiency, but really, why should we have to sacrifice everything?

Leanne Mangan, Mudgee District Hospital

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Title Annotation:YOUR LETTERS
Author:Mangan, Leanne
Publication:The Lamp
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Apr 1, 2013
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