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No new highways this year.

The cross-country D1 highway from Bratislava to Kosice may be completed in 2026 at the earliestBuilders will not complete any new stretch of highway or dual carriageway this year. This is due to geological complications that occurred during the construction work while some experts see bad management behind the dragging highway construction.

The D1 highway connecting Bratislava and Kosice might be completed in 2026 at the earliest."The highways do not have any concept and strategy," Juraj ermak, former investment director of the National Highway Company (NDS) told the Sme daily.

"The concept and strategy of highway construction changes with each new minister, general director and strong state secretary."The NDS claims that the stretches currently under construction in the Zilina Region are the technically most complicated and their construction is time-consuming.

"This has also resulted in no new highway stretch being completed this year," said NDS spokesperson Michaela Michalova, as cited by the Hospodarske Noviny daily.Most advanced stretchesOriginally the 11.3-km D1 stretch Hriovske Podhradie-Lietavska Laka should have been completed this January.

But its construction is lasting longer than planned and should be completed only in mid-2019.This stretch is the first part of the Zilina bypass. Its second part, the13.5-km Lietavska Laka Dubna Skala, may also be delayed.

The Salini Impregilo and Daha construction consortium are late with the construction of the 7.5-km Visove tunnel, which is part of it.

They should have bored the tunnel by December 27, 2017, but this did not happen.The construction companies cite unpredictable geology in the building of the tunnel, which is the longest in the Slovakia's history.

"The delay in boring the tunnel was caused by unfavourable and unforeseeable geological conditions," informed the consortium as cited by the Pravda daily.The delay may cost the consortium a Pound 2 million fine.

The construction of the Lietavska Laka Dubna Skala stretch with the price tag of Pound 410 million started in 2014 and the original deadline for its completion remains unchanged for now December 2019. After completion, drivers will be able to avoid the risky route below Streno Castle.This year may see a new development in the construction of the D1 13.5-km Turany Hubova stretch between Martin and Ruzomberok.

Its construction was halted by a landslide in 2013, which resulted in its re-routing. Currently the Environment Ministry is completing an environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the new route.

Since it has turned down all objections, NDS can start working on new construction documentation. Part of this stretch will be the 5.

6-km Korbeka and 2.9-km Havran tunnels.

The NDS estimates, in the case of an ideal scenario, that the construction of this stretch may start in 2021 and be completed in 2026. The state still needs to solve financing. The costs are estimated at almost Pound 900 million.

Since there are no EU funds available for now, one of he discussed possibilities is financing via a PPP project.The adjoining 15-km Hubova Ivachnova stretch should be completed a bit earlier.

Work on this stretch, planned for completion in June 2017, was halted in 2015 due to landslides. The route also had to be changed.

The ebra tunnel will be longer by 1.6 km and will have 3.

6 km in total. Work on this stretch will resume after the completed EIA, expected in January or February.

This stretch bypassing Ruzomberok may be completed in 2022.Another stretch under construction is the 7.9-km Presov bypass.

It started last year and should be complete in 2021.Through Hungary instead?Due to delays in the highway construction in Slovakia it may easily happen that Hungary will be the first to offer Slovaks a complete highway connection between Bratislava and Kosice. Hungary is continuing the construction of its stretch of the Via Carpathia connecting the Slovak-Hungarian border with Miskolc in Hungary.

It should be about 70-km long and completed in 2022. Hungary still needs to build about 57 km.After completion, Slovaks will be able to drive a 480-km uninterrupted highway from Bratislava to Kosice for about four-and-a-half hours.

This route will be about 30 km longer than the D1 highway via Zilina, recalled Pravda.In the meantime, Hungary has opened a new 1.

7-kilometre stretch of the Hungarian M30 highway linked to the Slovak R4 dual carriageway, connecting Milhos and Kosice-Sebastovce, both in the Kosice Region.The new stretch will get drivers to Miskolc (Hungary) faster and from there continue on the Hungarian highway straight to Bratislava.

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