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No morning glories for me.


HE world is divided into two distinct groups.

Tose who recognise that morning is the most miserable time of the day and that deluded, demented lot who nd it a time of joy.

Despite many years of starting work at an ungodly hour, I've never grown used to it.

Never enjoyed creaking from a warm, comfortable bed no matter whether the weather is bright or otherwise.

Perhaps this attitude is merely a throwback to the long-gone days of my youth when mornings were almost invariably blighted by a hangover induced by drinking pints of mild with my mates at the Norton in Pype Hayes.

But whatever the cause, I want no conversation with those around me, no music in my car and - perish the thought - none of the jaunty singing and humming that seems to please when the international news is so bleak and alarming.

Our news has been dominated by coverage of the civilian airliner shot down over Ukraine, the bloodbath in Gaza and relentless troubles in Syria and Iraq.

want to myself an unpsychotic of mind...' Politicians ponti-cate about these evils, but in truth are either impotent or unwilling to take actions that might bring a halt to such tragedy.

ose old enough can cast their minds back to the Cold War, a time of great danger but one in which two mighty enemies had so much at stake that they and the countries in their thrall knew not to overstep the mark and bring about nuclear catastrophe.

How di'erent today when causes are less clearly dened and those ghting them are more disparate and uncontrolled.

one of my early morning colleagues but which causes me to scowl.

I want endless cups of tea. I want silence. I want to be able to be gloomy. I want gradually to ease myself towards a state of mind that will eventually vaguely resemble that of someone not beset by psychotic tendencies.

'I ease state By 10am, after I've been bashing away at my keyboard for four hours, I'm generally nearing this state and can tolerate all manner of distractions.

And, to be utterly frank, I'm not averse to a chilled beer at such a time when I'm on holiday somewhere very warm.

Which will be the case very soon. Now there's a thought to cheer me up... even at 7.15am.

| | | SELDOM have I a known a time

'I want to ease myself towards an unpsychotic state of mind...'


Early morning - the worst part of the day

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Date:Jul 22, 2014
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