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No more splinters.

Walking barefoot by the lake as the sun sets can be a wonderful experience...until the old wooden dock gouges your foot with a splinter. Brock Manufacturing Co. of Milford has a solution: the plastic boat dock, also known as the Brock Dock.

Brock first used polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, for fencing. Innovations have yielded a more impact-resistant material that's an ideal candidate for boat docks. The plastic boards are essentially a replacement for 2-by-6 lumber. They are virtually maintenance-free, requiring no painting or weatherproofing. Their construction allows ample ventilation and drainage, so they won't peel, break or crack as weather conditions change. As a result, the plastic boards can last three to five times longer than wood.

Brock's plastic boards are finding numerous other uses in addition to boat docks. They're ideal for commercial water areas, walk-over bridges, public showers, hot tubs and spas, and residential decking. Homeowners will be pleased to find that the boards come in white, gray, and before long, tan.

Because the boards are light in color, they reflect heat, and that means their temperature varies only slightly even on a blistering summer day. In addition, the boards' grooved pattern provides a high level of skid resistance--exceeding Underwriters Laboratory standards--in both dry and wet conditions. And because the boards are 100 percent recyclable, they're environmentally friendly.

The plastic boards cost as much as 25 percent more than their wooden counterparts, but they are comparable in price to aluminum and concrete, which are commonly used in the marine industry. And because the plastics market has been relatively stable of late, Brock has not had to increase prices in the past couple of years, while wood prices have risen considerably.

Brock's docks can be found along the water throughout the United States and in Canada. According to product manager Denny Yoder, North American sales have grown 20 percent to 40 percent annually since the product was introduced in 1989. Brock's international division, with locations in Europe, Asia and the Bahamas, also is watching sales grow.
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Title Annotation:Made in Indiana; CTB Inc. Brock Manufacturing's plastic boat dock
Author:Domingue, Deborah
Publication:Indiana Business Magazine
Date:Jul 1, 1992
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