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No kit for GP tent poles.

Dear Half Mast,

Our unit has some of the old general purpose (GP) medium tents. They come with four different types of poles. Can I order the poles as a complete kit under a single NSN? Or do I have to order each type of pole separately?


For more information on tents, poles, pins, lines and tarpaulins,visit the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia Base Camp website:
Wooden Poles

 NSN of poles
Item 8340 00- Length per tent

Eave pole 188-8405 5 ft, 8 in 10
Door pole 188-8406 6 ft, 2 in 4
Vertical 227-1400 10 ft, 3 in 2
 ridge pole
Horizontal 188-8400 17 ft 1
 ridge pole

Aluminum Poles

 NSN of poles
Item 8340-00- Length per tent

Eave pole 759-9747 5 ft, 6 in 10
Door pole 759-9751 6 ft 4
Vertical 782-3394 10 ft 2
 ridge pole
Horizontal 782-3396 17 ft 1
 ridge pole
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