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No intent to disenfranchise smaller dioceses.

Dear editor,

Re: Intentional? (September letters). It is both entirely inaccurate and highly inappropriate to suggest that there was a deliberate intention to disenfranchise smaller "conservative" dioceses by choosing Winnipeg or a hotel for the site of General Synod 2007. The two largest costs associated with General Synod are travel and accommodation. Travel costs for all are borne by the General Synod budget, thereby ensuring equity for all, irrespective of distance from the meeting location. Accommodation and meal costs are charged back to each diocese, again a fair method, since the size of delegations varies depending on diocesan population.

Winnipeg is a different market than Ontario. Since 1992, General Synod has been in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Waterloo, Ont., and St. Catharines, Ont. The costs associated with hosting Synod in Winnipeg are simply higher than they are in the more populous Ontario and Montreal markets. The fact that Synod is in hotels (another source of frequent complaint) has added a mere seven per cent to the cost which the University of Manitoba had quoted us, and indeed could prove to be even less costly than the University would have been, depending on double occupancy.

This promises to be an excellent General Synod. Many people are hard at work and those in Winnipeg are to be commended for the amazing job they are doing to welcome us all in June. Indeed, we will draw the circle wide, and even wider still.

Dean Peter Wall

Chair, General Synod Planning


Hamilton, Ont.
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Author:Wall, Peter
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Date:Oct 1, 2006
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