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No hunting?

The gentleman's letter attacking hunting and hunters is so very emblematic of the growing intolerance infecting this once-great country. These people say, in effect, "What I do is cool, but what you do is stupid. And what's more, I'm way more macho than you." Check out any blog of your own choosing for examples.

Frankly, punching holes in paper with expensive ammo at any distance bores me to tears. What is it you are practicing for? Is it to put more cheap trophies on the ego mantle? Your only real competition, my good fellow, stares back at you in the mirror each morning. However, I'm not writing to disparage target shooting. If that's what you want to do, go crazy. But if you don't like hunting, don't do it. Just leave me alone, please. I should also point out that North America's numbers of deer, elk, moose, etc., are far larger than they ever were, and are more dispersed. This is due to the hunter, not the Sierra Club or PETA.

Lighten up, folks. You'll be in the checkout line soon enough.

Jerry Gabrovic, Hunter & Gatherer

Brashear, Texas
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Author:Gabrovic, Jerry
Publication:Guns Magazine
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Dec 24, 2013
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