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No given right to get the call-up.

SO Jess Phillips, MP for Yardley, has decided to take Jeremy Corbyn to task over his decision to appoint men to the so-called top jobs in the shadow cabinet.

Perhaps Ms Phillips believes that, even with her lack of experience, she should have been offered the post of shadow chancellor - although I fail to see how she could fit it in with her other jobs, including councillor and MP.

It is time for Ms Phillips and a few others to realise that the times of quotas and people being appointed on the strength of gender/ ethnicity have long passed.

Is she really suggesting that someone should be appointed just because that person is a woman, irrespective of whether or not they have the necessary skills or experience to actually do the job? Is she suggesting that someone should be denied a post, no matter how good he is, just because he is male? Jeremy Corbyn will stand or fall on the strength of the team that he assembles around him. Labour needs to start the arduous and difficult task of rebuilding and realigning itself. One thing the party does not need is self-opinionated nonentities rocking the boat before it has even put to sea.

Chris Jones, by e-mail

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Publication:Birmingham Mail (England)
Date:Sep 17, 2015
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