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No excuse for excessive procurement bureaucracy.

LGEN GUY THIBAULT was absolutely correct when he recently said: "If I were king for a day, rather than providing more oversight and controls over National Defence, I'd simply give us clear direction as to the outcomes we're looking for, with predictable and sustained funding, and then I'd get out of the way and watch."

As I've been arguing for years, the lack of clear accountability in the procurement process is the single greatest impediment to improving its efficiency and effectiveness. It starts at the top, where there is no one single minister accountable for defence procurement. The overlap and duplication in the roles of the Ministers of National Defence and Public Services & Procurement Canada means that no minister is accountable. Furthermore, instead of streamlining the process, the government adds even more layers of review to further muddy the waters of procurement, including:

* The Permanent Working Group of Ministers

* The Permanent Deputy Ministers Governance Committee

* The Defence Analytics Institute

* The Independent Panel on Defence

Acquisitions, consisting of an independent, unaccountable group of outside experts with a mandate to challenge the military's requirements

It's time for the hypocrisy to end. Governments should no longer be entitled to lament the complexity of the procurement process while consciously refusing to streamline the process by putting one minister in charge. The government is now in the midst of a defence policy review. Let's see if it has the courage to act.

Alan Williams


Caption: Instead of streamlining the procurement process, government seems intent on adding multiple layers of reviews, resulting in even lengthier defence procurements. The Liberals' defence policy review is the perfect opportunity to streamline the process. (WIKIPEDIA)


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Author:Williams, Alan
Publication:Esprit de Corps
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Date:Sep 1, 2016
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