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Karen, I read about the negative feedback you received about your page [Karen The Editor's Page, O/N '05]. I think your magazine is wonderful--and so is your column. I have found valuable information that's helped my self-image and my life. I will always read it and appreciate your honesty.

As a loyal subscriber, I have seen GL go through many changes, such as putting celebs on the cover. But the thought of no Karen's Page upsets me the most. Your stories have inspired me, and they give your magazine something special, particularly when other parts of it have changed to be like other teen magazines.

I've read GL for four years and love your page! Your insights are inspiring. Stick to your guns ... I like the new page, but 1 like hearing your opinion and your discoveries.
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Title Annotation:Letters: WE'VE GOT MAIL!
Publication:Girls' Life
Article Type:Letter to the Editor
Date:Dec 1, 2005
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