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No easy TASK.

F you've not discovered the wonder that is Taskmaster yet, then where the hell have you been? IAnd also, we're jealous of you because you've got eight previous series' worth of foolish joy to catch up on.

Basically, it's five famous funny people being set a load of very silly tasks, in a bid to win points and (usually) quite rubbish prizes.

It's not on one of the big PICK OF THE DAY TASKMASTER Dave, 9pm terrestrial channels, which could be why it doesn't have as big a profile as it should. But it also regularly attracts genuinely great names in comedy to take part, and every episode is a guaranteed source of laughs.

Now when we say very silly tasks, oh boy do we mean it.

Intellectual prowess, top-notch lateral thinking or awesome athletic ability seldom play a part in victory.

And why would they, when your task could be to fill an eggcup with tears, film something that looks great backwards, paint a picture whilst riding a horse, or eat as much watermelon as possible in one minute.

Giant comedian Greg Davies is the Taskmaster himself - in charge of handing out both scores and abuse - whilst comedian Alex Horne is his put-upon assistant. And the five hapless heroes taking part in this ninth series are David Baddiel, Jo Brand, Katy Wix, Ed Gamble and Rose Matafeo.

In this first episode we see the contestants play hide the aubergine (no, not like that), blind taste ice lollies and try to make the most dramatic entrance.


Taskmaster Greg Davies and Alex Horne, with from bottom left: Katy Wix, David Baddiel, Jo Brand, Rose Matafeo and Ed Gamble

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Date:Sep 4, 2019
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