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No barriers towards dosing.

Technological advances within the food and beverage industry, combined with their continued commitment to work with end users, has allowed Vacuum Barrier Corporation to bring forth the most advanced high speed nitrogen injection system available today.

Vacuum Barrier, the leader in liquid nitrogen pressurisiation and inerting equipment introduces the newly improved Nitrodose[R] HS (high speed) liquid nitrogen injection system. The system's advanced design allows for discreet dosing at the highest speed of PET and thin-wall can lines available today. The highly developed discreet dosing capabilities allow the end user to realise significant liquid nitrogen cost savings and eliminate concerns of liquid nitrogen falling into the equipment. The Nitrodose[R] HS system continues to boast the same features; reaction to what the line is telling it by ramping up of down with line of speed changes, dose compensation logic, no container/no dose intelligence and consistent high purity liquid nitrogen.

The exterior design of the equipment is drawn from knowledge gained from the Nitrodose[R] Asceptic model. The dosing head promotes cleanliness with rounded edges that allow for liquid roll off away from the package opening and ability to withstand high pressure water or chemical cleanup, thus eliminating contamination from product build up.

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