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No Student Left out: The Do's & Don'ts of Student Participation in Higher Education Decision-Making.

ERIC Descriptors: Higher Education; Student Participation; Governance; Democracy; Student Unions; Decision Making; Access to Education; Educational Attainment; Guides; College Students; Student Rights; Student Mobility; Cultural Awareness; International Cooperation; Foreign Countries; Quality Control; Capacity Building; Educational Quality

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"No student left out" should be the motto of the entire student movement. It can be understood in many different ways. No student should indeed be left out of higher education, both in terms of access and progress towards completion in higher education but also in terms of representation in governance structures at all levels. Leaving no student out is also a challenge for student unions in the sense of openness, democracy and representativeness, three pillars which the student movement ESU promotes. A strong student union is a union that can be inclusive for all students in a democratic way and that can represent and defend the rights of all students. With this handbook the authors hope to provide readers with an overview of how a student union can successfully represent students in an inclusive way and how student participation in governance on all levels has grown throughout history. (Contains 9 footnotes.)

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Author:Ufert, Karina; Pall, Allan; Oye, Olav; Ness, Julie; Bergan, Sjur; Klemencic, Manja; Ivanova, Lillya;
Publication:ERIC: Reports
Date:Mar 1, 2011
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