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No Starch Press.

No Starch Press

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These exciting new computer titles are highly recommended picks. Randall Hyde's Write Great Code Volume 1: Understanding The Machine (1593270038, $39.95) provides the first volume in a projected 'Write Great Code' series, presenting a basic introduction to how the computer system represents numbers, strings, and data structures and how the code-writer can best take advantage of this organization to produce superior code. Explanations range from how the CPU operates to how I/O devices work, with each coverage exploring how superior coding can enhance these operations. Leander Kahney's The Cult Of Mac (1886411832, $39.95) covers the 'hidden world of the Mac' computer addict, exploring those who are fans of the Apple, users who would never touch a PC, and 'Macheads' who are so cultish they will tattoo Macs onto their bodies and attend conventions all over the world. An intriguing, lively discourse, Cult Of Mac is a recommended pick for any Mac fan with more than a casual affection for his machine. Wallace Wang's Steal This File Sharing Book (159327050X, $19.95) addresses the issues of file sharing and using file sharing networks safely. There's a lot of free material available online, from music and movies to books and even porno--but how to find it, and how to avoid installing a virus or spyware in the process? Steal This File Sharing Book surveys everything from file sharing networks, newsgroups, websites and IRC to protecting computers and security. An essential 'bible' for any avid file-sharer. Michael W. Lucas' Cisco Routers For The Desperate (1593270496, $19.95) tells how to work with Cisco routers, imparting the basics of using Cisco routers and teaching the foundations of troubleshooting, maintenance and integration.
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Title Annotation:Write Great Code Volume 1: Understanding The Machine; The Cult Of Mac; Steal This File Sharing Book; Cisco Routers For The Desperate
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Date:Jan 1, 2005
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