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No Problem.

No Problem

   There is no problem with philosophy.
   Nor are there problems of philosophy.
   It is the constitution of the philosophic
   as problematic that is the only problem.
   But this is not a problem of,
   nor with, philosophy.
   This problem, which is not a problem,
   is entirely exterior to philosophy.
   This problem belongs ?
   if a thing which does not exist
   can be said to belong anywhere ?
   to the domain of problems;
   to the realm of the problematic.
   Now here is a real problem:
   what is the nature of this space,
   this realm, where things which do not exist
   can be said to belong?
   Surely something which does not exist
   has no 'be' which can 'long'
   for any place or time?
   What is the right time for something which
   does not exist to (not) be in?
   And should the non-existent 'be'
   at the right time, does it strictly speaking
   belong to time or is it merely 'on time'?
   Between the non-existent 'be'
   and the 'on' is an 'l'; and between
   this 'on' and nothing is a 'g'.
   But now we have the curious situation
   that between the 'on' of the non-existent
   longing (that is the 'be'-less belonging)
   and nothing, is a 'g'.
   But the non-existent longing is nothing.
   How can we say then
   that between nothing and itself is a 'g'?
   It seems all too obvious that there can be
   nothing between a thing and itself.
   Otherwise it would not be itself,
   it would be two things, or two half things
   (which is the same thing).
   But what then is a 'g'?
   We find on closer inspection
   that our statement could make sense
   if a 'g' was nothing.
   In this case we could
   dispense with nothing altogether
   and retain the non-existent 'g' of belonging.
   But then belonging is either nothing
   or also nothing.
   Which is a problem.
   But is this a problem of philosophy or of nothing?
   Clearly, if it is a problem of nothing only
   then it is no problem of philosophy.
   However, if it is a problem of philosophy,
   or a problem of both philosophy and nothing,
   it remains always a problem of nothing.
   A problem of nothing which is no problem.
   Thus there is no problem with philosophy.

Aryan Kaganof (South Africa)

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Author:Kaganof, Aryan
Article Type:Poem
Date:Jan 1, 2006
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