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No Limits.

Giving someone a huge--squeeze all--is no big deal for most girls. But Diamond Excell, 11, was born without arms or shoulders. She was accustomed to using her feet for every-thing from eating dinner to writing a book report. And who needs arms to do killer karate kicks? Diamond took first place in the handicapped division of the U.S. Open at Walt Disney World. And Diamond got a chance to reach for the stars after Miami inventor Ivan Yaeger heard about her disability. It took six months and over $70,000 raised from contributions to build her bionic arms, electronically animated down to the fingertips. The arms were conceived by Ivan 22 years ago as a seventh-grade science project. He and partner Eugenio Silva spent thousands of unpaid hours making Diamond's arms a reality, and they got a thanks they'll never forget--a hug from Diamond!
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Title Annotation:handicapped girl receives bionic arms
Publication:Girls' Life
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Date:Aug 1, 2001
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