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No IPO yet.

No IPO Yet

We heard Arkansas was about to have another publicly traded company in USA Truck Inc. of Fort Smith, but Chairman Breck Speed says no.

"It is true that we will want an investment banker at some time, but it is not true we are going public now," Speed says.

USA Truck estimates its 1991 revenues will top $50 million. The carrier services 48 states and Canada with 413 tractors and more than 750 trailers.

Speed declined to reveal the company's operating margin, but he did say the company was "very profitable and a well-managed business."

USA Truck was purchased from Arkansas Best Freight when that public company went private more than two years ago.

If Speed's name sounds familiar, it's because his son is also Breck Speed, president of Clear Mountain Spring Water in Little Rock, formerly Tawanee Artesian Spring Co.
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Title Annotation:USA Truck Inc.'s reported initial public offering
Publication:Arkansas Business
Date:Jun 10, 1991
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