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No Drooling Allowed.

Diaper and sanitary-products maker Kimberly-Clark in Roswell, Ga., has patented removable die inserts for cast film that permit removal of die drool, charred polymer, and other build-up from die lips without stopping production. The inserts (covered by U.S. Patent #6,164,948 issued Dec. 26, 2000) are located on both sides of the die just before the opening. Contaminated inserts can be removed and replaced with clean ones, and the dirty inserts are cleaned off-line. The inserts reportedly can be used on most commercial cast-film dies. Kimberly-Clark has no plans at the moment to license the insert technology.
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Title Annotation:Kimberly-Clark patent
Publication:Plastics Technology
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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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