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No Danish blues for Brum; InsideView.

Byline: With John Lamb

THE DBC has been on - Danish Broadcasting Corporation. They wanted comment "on the fact" that Birmingham had vast areas of deprivation and the implication was that the city was on its knees.

Although he didn't say so, I suspect the London-based reporter had been reading the doom and gloom stuff in the Economist of a few weeks ago.

I said I hated to disabuse him but his impressions were not ours and that the great Danish public should not be misled into thinking that Birmingham represented a wasteland with tumbleweed drifting around a deserted city centre.

No-one is fooling themselves, I said, because there is a great deal to be done in less fortunate areas of the city and many organisations and businesses are working to bring down the region's high unemployment rate.

This is being done through a programme of making sure the jobless are aware of numerous opportunities available in most walks of business.

By acquiring new skills, many possibilities would be opened up and the recent improving jobless figures for Birmingham and the West Midlands offer real hope.

But the lesson here is that once a view like that of the Economist reporter is on record other writers believe it and repeat it.

This has happened in more serious circumstances when newspapers have repeated libellous or contemptuous passages in stories stored in their cuttings library without a warning on them.

So I sent the Danish reporter a copy of a Birmingham Chamber press release on its last quarterly economic survey which showed Birmingham manufacturers were outperforming the rest of the country.

I hope he did us justice.

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